Thursday, July 17, 2008

Edited @ 11.13pm!

Happy Amazing Sweet Sixteenth

To My Beloved Loui Vuitton
( Yay. someone's finally Legal! =x )

And now, i must say. Somehow i dont feel the same. Things change. It always does. I dont know how i feel anymore. Or should i Let time sort my feelings out for me??Perhaps i shall!! I blame myself yet again, the stupidity of giving in, lying to myself that this time everything will work out fine if i give it another chance.Going against people's thought about the whole thing.Ought to have listened to their advice?!I guess, some things will never change. Not for the better of the world at least. Heh Oh Blur venessa that cant seem to do anything right. Always stepping on the nerves of people. Acting all princessey. But though the many flaws.My lovelys have all accepted me for who i am. And i love each and everyone of my cousins & friends for that. For seeing my good side and not my flaws just like how i see them.
Im tired. Tired of everything. Tired of trying to change for you for everyone. Cause its just not me anymore if i change,I want to be myself again.Lively, cheerful, retarded Venessa. haha, whatever. i dont give a fuck anymore.

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