Thursday, June 19, 2008

The way she loves you

Got woken up at 6.20 , when my grandmother came into the room to wake my sister up for school.She turned on the Lights and kept nagging for venetta to wake up. Annoying as hell. In the end, it was Me! that woke up.Thus, i decided to go online , and then sleep again later, because i have to call ♥ at 7 to wake him up. But, now. Its 7.43 and i cant seem to get back to sleep! I'm still sick, which sucks. I'm meeting Dor at Town later, Have loads and loads to tell her.I feel like mapling. Rofl. Shall go do that now. & will prolly update about my trip to town with Dor later on, If im not too lazy =x

Met Dor at town today, Basically we talked alot. Since we havent been catching up during the holidays,It was great to see her today! Took Neoprints. Hahahh! Seriously! Havent done that in a long time.Rofl. Then headed over to spinelli,ordered soup, instead of our usual chocolate cake! Hees.

I've managed to download the new patch on my laptop but not my desktop!
My parents left for a Hiatus to Myanmar yesterday morning. I love it when they're away. xo
Unfortunately 3 days of non parental supervison dosent seem to be enough. Why cant they come back on sunday instead? They're coming back tomorrow. Fuck.

p.s: i miss you already

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