Thursday, June 19, 2008

Figure me out

My second post for the day. I'm sick,with Fever. Down with flu.But still, I have to get this off my chest. I think i've gone mad. Like seriously, why am i doing all of this. Why am i acting like this.Why am i feeling like this.And yet refuse to admit that i have fallen.That my white flag is up, and you win.But isn't it too fast?And its one of my weakness, to fall in love so fast. That now, I want to get rid of that weakness of mine.Somehow, like i said. I feel that this is all a joke.That you are someone Too Good to be true.But yet again, It could jolly well be another joke, And i dont want that to ever happen. Once bitten twice shy. I do not want to be yet another typical fling.I can be crazy, and strong on the outside.But really, Fragile and easily damaged and hurt.But yet again, Its still not too late for me to get out of everything.I do not want to fall deeper,If there isnt any good outcome or intention into this whole situation.

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