Thursday, May 1, 2008

Take my heart but please dont break it

Weeeee. Im tired and exhausted. Haha, went to see Gran then headed out, to see the doggy.his name is RUSH! hahaha omg so cute.
He's a 4 Year old shih Tzu and is Soooo adorable.! He's obedient, Dosent bark, Dosent Like to lick, and Dosent BITE! omg, I so want him pleaseee. :D haha, well. argh, why are things like this now? It's quite upsetting. Sigh, everyone does that. Its human nature, But we shouldnt use human nature as an excuese. Oh wells. I hope all will go well soon. Its better for us all anyway. The things happening now, arent and will not benefit all of us in any way really. D:
COUSIN, good luck for you paper on friday. iloveyou pretty. I want RUSH. He's adorable.
Sorry Doreen, Luyi that i couldnt go today. Love you darlings too. (:
AHH GOODNESS, he's so cute!
ok i should stop. hahah (:

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