Monday, April 28, 2008


Pissed off, by the stupid owner of russell. Not getting him anymore. Was late in meeting Doreen,
Karen and Luyi as usual. Walked around, had lunch. Took neoprints. Doreen & Luyi headed their seperate ways, Karen & i went to vivo. haha. Forever 21-ed spent 3 hours there, trying out clothes.Had to wait really long for our turns in the changing room.Found this really cute Black dress, On friday when i headed out with Thanusha & Karen. Tried it on again, and loved it. Reserved it. Went to have ice cream at HagenDaz. Coffee IceCream for me, Karen had cookies&cream. haha Teased the waiter. Bused to church, met cheryl & quincy at the main gate.
Mass was already over. I just wanted to meet grandma so i could get a taxi ride home. sooo lazy. hahah
Spent half the day at home watching Newsport Harbour marathon on MTV. I was glued to the TV the entire day. it's so nice to watch i swear, i think they have it online on the mtv website. Its something like Laguna Beach and The Hills. I love those kinda shows. I dont know why. hahhh
Went to vivo with the 'rents and sis in the evening. Had superdog for Dinner. Theres nothing there. So i didnt eat. Dragged mom to forever21. Tried on the dress for her to see. And mom bought it for me . Gawd, i swear i love her to bits sometimes. Well, everytime she buys something that i want, i love her. hahahah
EXAM. CL paper 1! Easy. I have much confidence in that paper, no idea why. However, CL paper 2 is atrocious.After school. Subway-ed with Smexy subway partner and Doreeen pretty.
Then we had deserts. The milk pudding at the desert stall there, is horrible. yuck. I cant wait for exams to be over. Sleepovers and shopping trips & Holidays. Mom says we're going to Australia.(idontwanagotoaustralia!)
I want a dog, like so much. D: isit sooo difficult to find a cute adorable one, that is healthy up for adoption??? Tsk Im tired. I wana sleeep. (:

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