Friday, April 25, 2008

Chasing Pavements

I think i screwed up my english paper today, well only the Composition really. There's like a blockage in my head or something. English paper 2 was Fine. Manageble and pretty easy.
School was borring. We didnt even have lessons. Headed out with Doreen, Luyi ,Bitch and Smexy Karen to vivo. I only had $5 okay! Went for Long John, doreen and LuYi left. Leaving me, Bitch and Karen to roam around the mall. Really fun. We walked like everywhere. Tried on Clothes at Forever21 and just walked everywhere. Then we headed to Toy'r'us and met this 3 caucasian Guys( roughly 17/18/19 yrs old). haha they were extremly hillarious, Playing with the
'sword' and even posed for a picture for thanusha to take! haha, cute. But kinda wild. weesh, Gona see russell on Sunday, another person's viewing him too. I want a dog so so so badly. Mom's being annoying. D:

IMY JRS.... alot.
But i know that things arent gona be the same anymore.

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