Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I've got a pocketfull of Sunshine

HELLO WORLD! I know its 11 alr and i should be asleep but i slept in the afternoon and thus am unable to sleep now! And besides, i havent been updating.
Cabbed over to MGS after school to get cousin, before cabbing to SPCA at Paya Lebar(idk how to spell it) Did i mention, im looking for a dog to adopt. aww. Well, there was this Jack Russell called Russell at the SPCA that was pretty adorable. Then i searched online and found This Other Dog called Russell,But He's actually a Shih Tzu and born with One eye smaller than the other, so its partially one eye blind. The owner is giving him away as She's Preggo and would not be able to take care of him when she delivers in June. He's sucha poor thing, and Extremly adorable. I'm gona go see him on Saturday, see if i able to connect with him (hahhah)!
It cant be helped that one eyes smaller than the other, he was born with it.
School, Borring oh borring! Thank goodness practical's been changed to next week. For once in my life i shall try out my dishes at home (: Im sooo lazy to do coursework D: Someone help me pleaseee. Rawr. After school! Headed out for lunch with my Smexy Subway Partner Karen and Doreen & Luyi. :D love them, they're hillarious. Had Yoghurt!(Its horrible) Headed to KFC to eat the Yoghurt, and this guy working there was like Literally & Obviously starring at us. Haha! It was Freaky!!So me & Luyi got up to buy something. Fries!! Though we were like already Very Full! Headed home with Karen, we took the train cos we've got no money to cab home Boo-Hoo!
I need to get on the phone with someone now :D BYE WORLD!
Ps. i love Gorgeous Cousin Eun, Doreen, Luyi , Smexy Subway Partner Karen, Subway (meatball) partner SHAmaine, GIRLFRIEND, BESTChrfriend ATLY, Rachael Chung, and Quincy and Cheryl ,PRETTAYBESTIEJiaYi :D (I just felt like naming out the very important people to me , hahhah) xoxos

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