Friday, May 2, 2008

Icky Thump :D

Didnt go to school tooday, haha feigned sickness. So mom dragged me to the doctor and it turns out that im actually sick? i have stomache Flu. Blehs. Anyhows. I dont understand , how does one still actually stick with a person that actually was so so mean to you, to the extent that one dosent want to go near you like you have some contagious disease?? The many wonders of life. hees. Been reading blogs these days, I mean, i usually cant be bothered to read blogs. haha but, hey what happened to the united 3/4mm? Last Year everyone was so united and it was all fun.
Even though we had Mrs Chu and Haizal (2 most annoying teachers ever). Oh well. Not taking sides. Weee, i miss cousin and i want rush the doggie. was texting Sharmaine in the morning, and stooped halfway cos i actualy fell asleep. haha, sorry Shar! ohoh i cant believed, i actually took out my maths 10 year series to practice today. Its the Topic by topic one, and Yes i did Trigonometry. Hahah i think im gonna mug Biology tomorrow. Hehe Mariyanti? :x
Im gona go catch up on MORE sleep. Goodness, ive already slept alot today. haha
well, I hope everything goes fine for the things happenening in class.
Read all our previous chats, and its driving me insane
cos i miss you terribly, so so much. Should i take the
first step and text you again? And would you even reply?
I just miss you baby.

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