Monday, May 5, 2008

And i promise myself

It's been ages since ive met You, spoke to you, Kissed you. And suddenly You're almost back into my life again. 2 Years with you, never could i have imagined gone just like that. And gone to a state that we're not even talking. And then i saw that email. And it hit me again, that ive never managed to get you out of my head, my mind, my life completely. I try to be strong and look for someone new. But it never seems to work out, because i keep comaparing them to you and They can never be another you. No one can. I miss you, but its slowly fading away. It hurts, and sometimes i wish nothing happened and that you were back in my life once again, Just as per normal. But i know its not going to happen anymore. You're History, gave me Lovely memories but also horrid ones that i never want to experience again.I love you, always have and always will.I gave you my all. And i have nothing more to give. Our Memories will always be kept in my heart.I am never turning back,but instead am moving on.
Deli with Usha my pretty bitch, Doreen and Karen my smexy subway partner.It was fun . Haha, he hasnt texted yet though. Stupid guy.

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