Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Her Epitome Of Love

Headed to vivo with thanusha, window shopping with ma bitch sure is fun, walked almost everywhere, Vivo and Harbourfront, hehe stoped with the whole ken thing today. Talked about almost everything under the sun. Hey Pretty, just an advice from me to you. People that Treat you horribly are not worth to even be called friends. Because friends dont treat you as such. And you being human, deserve respect.&Friends treat each other with respect. So smile hottie,because You've still got people around you that care(: Headed home, had tuition. Its Maths paper 1 and Literature tomorrow and im not even mugging. Im tired. Sudden Cravings for Subway. TeeHees Biology paper was Manageble &i hope i got my skills right for History paper. Keeping my fingers Cross. kissxoxo

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