Thursday, April 3, 2008


So christopher Lee & Jessica Liu were like Filming just below my block, and i went down to see if my maid was like lying or did she see the wrong people. Haha, it was them. My sis made things so embarrasing for me! The first time i tried to take a picture with jessica, my sister didnt managed to take the shot, then we tried for a second time, my sister took a video! Omgoodness, then jessica had to carry on acting. I was so embarrased i didnt want to ask for a third shot with her. Gee. I couldnt be bothered to take one with christopher. Im not fans of em la. Just shots for fun. And jessica's really pwetty ;O

Oh and my maid's damn funny can, Christopher Lee Smiled at her and she Blushed and went home smiling all the way ROFL.

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