Friday, April 4, 2008

Flyaway Love

Mom & Dad Left for the Philipines early this morning. And wont be back till Monday. My mind is screaming Great Weekend Ahead, Late nights, Vodkas and Parties! But still, i am already starting to miss them. No matter how much i hate mom & her biasedness. I still love her muchly.
And pray for their safe Returns. Didnt go to school again! As my fever hasn't gone down. I hope i'll recover just in time for Cheryl's party tomorrow. I think im heading out to meet Rachael later to get her a combined present (: Then it'll be tuition time. So, i heard about bitches that spoke about me during F&N yesterday. Claiming that i skip school every thursday to miss F&N. Fucking bitches, I dont think mom would allow me to skip F&N every thursday. FYI i went for lesson Last Thursday and it so happened that I Fell sick Yesterday, and had a tempreture of 38. I even went to the fucking doctor, then next what? Ur gona say that i bribe the doctor uh? Fucking bitches la, I cant even be sick for a day with Filthy mouths like yours. Go screw Yourself. And do something about your big filthy mouth cos they stink. Think twice before you comment on someone eh. Especially me. And get your fucking facts right before u even open ur mouth. Think before u speak la. I think u both are just all talk but no action because, u all talk so much but look at the end results? You both talk so much in class but its all Trash man, Trash coming outta ur mouth. And the end result, look at ur exams or your test. You will know what i mean uh. Bitches!

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