Monday, April 7, 2008


I havent blogged about Saturday i realised! Saturday's an amazing amazing dayy. Met Rachael at Anchorpoint, suposed to meet up with tham too, but tham's sleeping at home -.- So, we met to look around for cheryl's present! We walked round and round and couldnt fins anything. I hadnt eaten lunch, soo i dragged Rachael To Subby (Subway) lol. We talked about loads of stuff. Haha, Rachael's Damn funny. Sha makes me laugh like mad. Then I dragged her to queenways, and came across this freaky Salesperson, thats like really fierce and was like stalking us to buy her fake abercrombie Tee. lol Then we got a nice silver Pouch/clutch? for cheryl :D Then we got wrapping paper, but realied there was no place to wrap it, then we headed to my place and rachael, so skillful uh, Wrapped it while i ate Muah Chee. Haha! Then headed to church to meet Quincy before her dad sent us to cheryl's place!

Arrived at Cheryl's place, it was pretty awkward la, cos like we're the 'anti-social' bunch nah we just didnt really know much. We already wanted to go,Met with cheryl gave her the presents. Ate SUSHI. (: Rachael's the greedy one gobbling up all the Sushi! haha, Camwhored with soap and rach & Quincy. Soapida managed to convince us to wait for the cake cutting before we left, we told cheryl and she called her mom down to get the cake cutting thing ready. But they lost the candles, and had to spend time searching for it. lol, after cake cutting, we didnt eat the cake leh. But cheryl Its a very pretty cake (: Rachael will eat the 'edible' trees on the cake for u :D

Then me & Rach & Quincy cabbed to vivo. Soap went home! We headed to swensens for Dinnerr :D We always go there to eat whenever we all head to vivo. Laughed like mad, with all the jokes and all. Laughed till we had stomachache and didnt feel like eating anymore! haha.
Quincy had her cookies and cream Ice cream all to herself, Me & Rachael stayed sugar free and had a Lychee and Mango Yoghurt! Rach likes Lychee and i like Mangos! haha we thought it'd taste weird. But it actually tasted really nice :D Swensen was closing so we had to leave! Went down to the car park to wait for Quincy's dad. We were all extremly full. I suggested going to the back to camwhore :D haha then suddenly we heard something drop on the floor. Quincy thought my coin or something dropped from my clutch, then we saw this white button and knew that it was from rachael's Shirt! Haha! Her Button Burst! lol, too full. Made fun of her for not wearing loose fitting shirt! haha Quincy's daddy came and sent me homeee. Cousin was home waiting for me. She stayed over :D Love her loads. Before going to bed i was telling her racist Jokes! hahaha
Saturday was such a great amazing day i swear! :D Cant wait to hang out with Church Clique soon ! :D Pictures now, Ive only got 2. But when Quincy sneds me the rest i'll upload em here too. ^^

Ven & Quincy & Rachael

Happy Sweet Sixteen Cheryl Dear

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