Thursday, April 3, 2008

Kissing the Stars

Didnt go to school today, as i havent been feeling quite well. Headed to the doctors and Found out that im actually running a fever and have already caught a cold. Supposed to get 2 days Off school however, Im heading out to get Cheryl's Present for her sweet 16th party on saturday.
Argued with mom Last night, i swear i've got the most Biased mother on earth. As much as i love her, her biasedness is pretty obvious and I will hate her for that, the party can never measure up to the amount and time she's spent on my sister. So whut if im fucking jealous, you see how biased she gets, anyone in the right mind who wants the attention of their own mother will be like that. Such a screwed family ive got here. But just a few more years and im outta here. I swear. Whatever i do, will never ever please her, never seem to be able to reach up to her freegin expectations. Because, it's etched in her thick skull that Im hopeless. You didnt have to ask me wether i want to buy it last night cos you know Very well, that ive spent everything ive got on the damn party. If you wanted venetta to have it, you didnt have to come and spite me and asked if i wanted to buy it. You're such a hypocrite, two facer. I hate you!And you, Just cos you act goody two shoes in front of them, making them believe that ur sucha good girl,u think itll work? Once they find out about your boyfriends and all that you've done. Aint such a good girl anymore uh? Bitch. I will expose every single one of your dirty filthy secrets.
Argh, i swear i hate my family. Its not even like a damn family la..Just a fucking shelter , a place that i sleep and get fed la.How is one gona suceed in life when theyve got such a screwwed family that's effing biased?! And they complain that ur sucha failure. How do you expect one to not be a failure when her family members are fucking biased and dosent give a fuck about you?! So screwed la.

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