Sunday, March 2, 2008

Unforgettable days like these.

Had a blast with Doreen & LuYi today. I really had such a Fab weekend this week. Met up with doreen at around 3.30. Headed for lunch, chat & talked while eating and waiting for Luyi at Yoshinoya. Then headed to Watson/Guardian to get our stuffs for Camp! Then headed to Cinelesure. Doreen wanted to take neos. Something i havent done in ages. lol Then headed to Heeren, to get a pair of heels for Luyi for Camp, Pretty pretty white Heels (: Then we were spose to go for dinner, but had the cravings for something sweet instead so we each bought a cake at Spinelli, and Ice Latte. & Just talked about everything under the sun. Hees. Love those two. Thanks for having been there for me. Meeting up with B tomorrow :D can't wait. Thanks to the wonderful people who gave me such a Fab weekend this week and Thanks to my parents for letting me out . Hahs. Y

I dont know what i ever did to you to have you speak about such things of me, Im not even close to you. And you dont even know me well enough to judge me telling other people that just because i have the cash, i go around spending it like water and you dont like me cos of that.
Firstly, I know you're richer than me, and you spend more than me.Goodness! And what i do with my cash really dosent concern you right? I mean, come on i dont even bad mouth you. Im not even close to you to even want to comment on you. Yet you, barely know me and you're allowed to comment and judge me? Heh whats going on with you? You dont like someone when the person spends money like water, hey dont you do that too? I think you do.So much more than me(:

THANUSHA. Hey Hot Stuff! haha,
Nah it was alright. We shll hang out
Some other time. Besides, i still had a Fab
Weekend. haha Love you bitch!

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