Monday, March 3, 2008

Baby Love Y

Today was another awesomezx day. Met up with Nicholas, he came over to my place for fun i think. Then, with nicholas, met up with BY though some stuff happened, but we got over it in the end right? (: Had to go home, so i bid farewell to b. Mom asked Nicholas to stay for dinner before going home. Then after dinner, we headed to the playground to chat/gossip. whichever.
Then i remembered about the mini park above the Carpark, and i brought him there, cos i've never been there before. Talked/Gossiped more. Until 9 plus where mom called to ask me to head home. hehs, we saw slugs at the park. Eeew. hees, shall upload pictures. I miss B alr. xoxo

Me & nick (damn blur picture)


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