Tuesday, March 4, 2008


I dont know why but im like effin high today! hees, didnt go to school, darn effin tired. So i packed in the afternoon, then met Nicholas again at like 4.30 i was late as usual, then went to queensway to meet Karen.We were short of cash cos of people that didnt PAY for the class Tees. I had to end up paying 101.30 dollars for the class in the end. You people better payyy! I need the cash! If not, i doubt you'd even be getting your class Tees. Brought nicholas along so he could carry the heavy Tees for us. Haha, rushed home for tuition, while Nicholas roamed around and Karen went home. Met again at 8,paid for the tees, Collected em and went to Mac for dinner with Karen & Nick. I had happy meal! :D i got like this pink toy! haha, Karen's like a real good story teller. And i swear, Karen & nick are like effin hillarious. I laughed so much, then we like couldnt get a cab home, we waited like really really long before someone stopped his cab in front of us. And cabbed home. Arrived home, spoke to my parents when the topic came to shoes for camp, then my sister was wondering what shoes i'd be wearing with my dress, and i went 'Oh! i absolutely forgotten, and hurried to the shoe wardrobe to get my heels' Haha i cant imagine being in a dress with like my sport shoes. I got new Extensions :D But this one's clipped on, so not that good. I took pictures! But im like lazy to Upload the pictures today, i'll do that after i get back from camp okay? (: I'm bringing a luggage and a back pack for camp. haha! Gotta be in school at 7.15 Gahs, im gona miss baby and cousin love! I cant wait for camp hahas. I think, im like really high now. Thanks to Karen & Nick. haha! okay i better continue with my packing! Bye lovess.

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