Friday, March 7, 2008

Im finally back from camp, though wasnt fantastic, as in the food, accomodation but the instructors rocked except my own instructor the mole. I missed my Bed, my air con everything home. But i had fun.

First Day

Arrived at school, almost late. Then left for Shines International School aka our camp site. We were allocated our bunk mates and were taken to the bunks, i must say i think my bunk mates rock, heh they're all really funny and fun to be with. Thank goodness we're not mixed up for the bunks.We were only mixed up with other classes during some activities.
Had Ice Breaker, borring. I hate ice breakers. hehs, and i really dont like the instructor in charge of my group, that QY or something, shes like borring and tries to act fierce. Nicknamed 'The Mole' cos of the huge mole at the corner of her mouth, No one likes her. Then after, we headed to the rope course!! Our group had abseiling first! My first time doing abseiling, goodness i was so scared.Even when climbing the stairs up, i already had intentions to climb back down! But i continued up. When my turn came, the instructor asked me to turn around with my back facing the empty space behind, i started panicking, he then asked me to position myself 90 degrees in the air, with my legs touching the wood. I was panicking and asked if i could back out, shafiq didnt allow! so i had no choice but to try, then i made it down in the end, it wasnt that bad, but it was scary. Yes. I'd much prefer Flying Fox, esp the one at Kota Tinggi. We only managed to do one of the rope challenges as it started to rain, bad weather. Rest of the day was borring. I had trouble sleeping on the wood plank, kept waking up halfway.

Day Two

Woke up with backaches, Had to rush for the showers. Thats what i hate about camp. You have to rush to shower. If theres too many people outside, you only get like maximun 3 mins to shower or els people outside would be banging on your door, irritating you to get out of there. 3 mins, how to shower properly, esp when i have long hair. Its either i wake up early to shower or spend 3 mins, but i cant seem to wake up early. 3 mins compared to the 1 hour i usually take to shower at home. After showering, blow dryed my hair and had breakfast, the food at the camp seriously sucked ok, i was craving so much for Home food, give me kfc or macdonalds. anything except the food at camp. We then headed to Bishan Park for our 'Amazing Race' unfortunately it had to be cancled again, due to bad weather. It was raining heavily. So we played a couple of games there. Until the rain stopped, Then we headed to Kayaking!! The main thing that i was looking forward to. However i was Not looking forward to getting wet. I thought we would just be going down into the kayaks and not get wet. However, we were all told to slowly walk into the sea waters holding on to each of our friends and try to stay afloat. Firstly, the water is freezing cold. secondly, Im afraid of Water/Sea snakes and fishes and Lastly, There are dead fishes and rubishes all floating around. But i had no choice but to go into the water. Then, i went kayaking for the first time, with Gayathree. When we first started, i was freaking out when we were going in all wrong directions! Thankyou gaya for being so so patient with me, i know i can get pretty annoying whenever i freak out. After awhile, when i got control of how to turn directions and handle the kayak, everything turned out smooth and better, I saw lots of sea snakes, black brown and even white one. We even saw a dead one floating away. I wanted to snap pictures, unfortunately we couldnt bring cameras to the kayaks, some of us were trying to splash each other with water. It was funn! The washing up of the kayaks was tirring . We then walked to this place where we get to shower. Then we actually had to walk back to the camp site which is effin far okay, like from Queenstown all the way to School or further. Then while walking back we saw this cat get knocked down by a car. i screamed. but thank goodness it was alive, but i think its injured. D: Stupid Driver. Stupid long tirring walk back to camp. Slept immediately throughout the night, Guess i was THAT tired.

Day Three

Had a great Night sleep, rushed to shower. Make up, and got dressed. Snapped up alot of pictures.Fine dinning was so not fine dinning, Jacks place is NOT fine dinning, I go there with my parents for casual dinning. We overdressed for Jacks Place. Think, people must have thought of us as weirdos. :/
The Instructors made the camp fun! :D enjoyed it. Gonna upload the pictures (:

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