Saturday, March 1, 2008


Went out with Nicholas today! Got dragged out by him, urgh. But i had my Hair Extension done!!! :D :D :D I dragged him to queensway to that Hair extension shop that i saw on Thursday.
We walked round and round and round but couldnt find the shop, eventually we realised that we've actually walked pass the shop thousands of times and it was actually closed! He then dragged me to Bugis, where he said there was another shop that he saw a couple of days ago that does Hair Extensions too. But before that, He dragged me to the ARCADE, wtf i hateeee going to arcades. Twit Haven. Argh, i was cursing that he looses in every single game so i could get out of there a.s.a.p!!! Then, we went across to bugis, to get my hair extensions! He wanted me to get Purple! eeew? i took blonde instead, and he paid for it. Hehs, Thanks yea!

Dor! Dont be upset kays. She's not worth getting Outraged at. She's plain Jealous that You get the guy and she dosent. When you talk to her, you should stay calm and let her know that you're not affected by whatever that she says! And dont be okay? Because you still have others that love & Care for you.Y

Anw Pictures!

Ok, sorry i look fugly and this was the only picture we took! i look like i had eyebags in this pic
Good Heavens!

Yet another fugly Picture but shows my extension! woots (:

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