Saturday, March 15, 2008

Its Over

Gee, How much i hate you. 2 Years of relationship with you gone in 5 months. What happened last Night was unneccesary. I'm already over you, since ages ago.

And you, You're starting to act like joshua Ho number 2. Running away from problems is exactly like him. I feel that i'm starting to give up on this, i dont want to go on anymore. Cos, its hurting me. And i hate that feeling. I mean, Nobody likes to get hurt right. Try getting hurt so many times. Its not something I enjoy doing that i keep doing it, Its that i want to give you a chance and you people just ruined it. And i end up getting hurt and you heartless people Jus walk away like nothing ever happened. Fuck, what did i ever do to you people to get this. I dont even have any mood for my party anymore. seriously. Screw Youu

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