Friday, March 14, 2008

Learning to FallY

Went out with B yesterday. It was like freezing cold, so i brought B to Seoul Gardens! SteamBoatY. We were like rushing through lunch cos we had a movie to catch at 3pm. Lunch was Fun. I was like trying to cook the meat, but the oil kept splattering up. It hurts so bad. Then
B suggested that I be in charge of the Soup part and He'd be in charge of cooking the Meat on the Gril. I feel so mean, now He'd be the one getting splattered on. And he Paid for lunch. Went to watch Step Up 2. Omg, its Awesomezxz Shitz! You guys should totally catch it, everone's dancing to Get Low now. I think im quite sick of it alr. Ahaha.
After Movie, walked around for abit, i brought him to my most hated place on Earth, The arcade. cos there's seriously nothing to do at Bugis. Walked around a little more, Before he sent me home. It was raining heavily so waited for my maid to get me at the Mrt stop with the umbrella.
Thanks B for waiting with me, he missed so many trains while waiting. ILY. He made a paper crane out of a torned piece of paper. Haha, took a picture of it. Love you B. thanks for everything.Y

PICTURES, Past and Present Y

During EFL. I poked the stick through the balloon xD

Paper Crane B did Y

Venessa & Karen

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