Sunday, March 16, 2008


I thank the loves, for encouraging and comforting me to get out of the house for my party and also cheering me up despite what had happened during the early part of the day. I didnt even bother to shower up or change. Thanks benjamin for the mega, and the wishes from many people. I hate you and You're not worth my tears, I swear i'd remember this forever,whatever that you said to me that morning. Benjamin is so nice i swear, haha anyways. I ended up going for my own party duh. Cos i have no time to put batteries into my camera, i cant upload the pictures yet, I'll upload it once i buy some batteries,. Heh Thanks to the babes n hunks that turned up for my party. Hope you people had fun, because i did.(: Thanks for making this a party that i'd remember always. Special thanks to doreen and Luyi for the video. I loved it, it was so sweet. Both videos, i almost teared. Thanks Eunice,Andrea,Jarrold, Timothy for coming. haha and My Dearest Church Clique esp Tham Li Ying Annabelle!!( You still owe me Dinner!) And My school and classmates for attending.Thanks for all Your wonderful Gifts, Its really the thought that counts. I hoped that you guys had fun, thakyou for making this a memorable sweet sixteen for me. xoxo

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