Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Taste of Innocence

School was long and tirring today. Extended till 3pm. Especially since, everyones in the holiday mood and cant wait to Get out of school quick. Afterwards, headed over to GWC to meet up with mom. On the way there, while crossing the road. Me & Deborah almost got knocked down by this car. It was like, coming towards us and stopped 1M away. Deborah grabbed me and i screamed. It was scary and were were cursing the driver all the way. I hitched a cab and met up with mom. Excited for the CNYs. But am upset that B is not gona be around to celebrate it with me.

Probably you arent upset, or maybe you are but dont show it. But im gona miss you. And im sorry that im not one that keeps my emotions to myself easily. So please bear with me. D:

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