Monday, February 4, 2008

&Shes in a loveknot

School's been alright today. Had alot of double period today, Bio was fun. Me & Deb were 'arguing' about Bitch Fits and Etc~ Love Ms.C however only for now. She canclled F&N Test until Further Notice. After, went over to Deborah's place headed to Purmei to Have lunch then went over to her house to Listen to Music & etc!~ She taught me to Play this card game on the computer. heh. Overall, Pretty much a good day. Alot of people , Getting the Monday Blues! Maths and Literature Test Tomorrow. Def need to study. Meeting up with Organizer for my Party on Wednesday Afternoon.
&B, i'd definitely miss you. The thought of you going away already makes things as sad as it is already. I doubt im gona enjoy the New Years Much. ily and i hope like you said, those days will go as quickly as they come. Though i dont want them to pass too quickly as i dont wana head back to school :x But i'd rather havin you back and going to school than having the holidays without you. D:
Please go and come back soon,

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