Sunday, February 3, 2008

Spent half the day at the new place slacking. Just got back home, and am very bored.
Just realied i havent done up my New Years Resolution for Yr 2008. So, Im a little
late on this but Im really bored at the moment. So , Heck. (:

Venessa's New Year Resolution For Yr '08
#1. Do Well for 'N's!
#2. Cut down on Shopping!
#3. Go out lesser
#4. Spend more time home, studying!
#5. Try to get situations in school back to normal
(Like Last Year)
#6. Never to get affected by rumours and hearsays
#7. Figure out why shes acting like a bitch
#8. However, i still have to act nicely towards her
#9. Be a better gf / Friend
#10. Get back at people that i hate/makes use of me after 'N's
#11. Spend lesser time on the phone
#13. Have de best sweet 16th party ever
#14. Force my parents to take me to paris again
#15. Try being less vulgar (e.g. fuck)
#16. Treasure the people that are nice to me more.
(e.g. Friends, Bf , Family. Not friends that PRETEND to be friends and hypocrites)
#17. Not to party so much
#18. Not to drink so much
#19. To Spend Money wisely
#20. Stop thinking about screwed up beginning and soon future of year '08.
Sometime i wish you would just tell me you dont wana carry on with this friendship anymore,
so i wouldnt have to bother, so i wouldnt have to care so much and notice all thats happening around. Or are you doing this just to spite me? I dont get why you have to do that D:
Why im so bothered is because, we're still f and i have a responsibility as a good friend to care.
If you really dont want it to be the same anymore, then tell me so i wouldnt have to care so much already. D:

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