Sunday, February 3, 2008

Three Little Words; iloveyou

I realised that all my previous post were all so fiesty and angry ones. But, It cant be helped really. I blog to let my emotions out.So if im feeling angry and messed up that day. My post would probably be angry and messed up too. It feels as if so many problems have crashed upon me so suddenly one after another, aditional stress coming from School does not help to that.So, I've been feeling pretty down and discouraged and tired of everything thats going on. Why cant things be like how it was last year. There were no problems at all and everything was almost perfect.But like i said again, i aint gona let anything mess this year up for me. I love all those that has been there for me the past few days.Giving me words of encouragement and support. &Of course BY!Dont blame yourself for not meeting the basic requirements of making me happy. I am happy..So glad that god has given me such wonderful friends and you. You're the only one that knows all that is happening to me, from me getting sick to the others. Only you truly know how i felt about them all and you understand.And theres nothing more that i can ask for.

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