Wednesday, February 6, 2008

&i dont care what they say. I'm in love with you.

Ahhhhh. Omfg i lovelovelovelovelove my parents! Finally got my itouch.Its awesomezxz. I'll be able to watch movies in class when im bored. hehs, Anws i didnt turn up for school today since i dont see the point of going to school for 3 Hours and coming home. &also I'm gona go over to the new place to pack up the stuff . We'll be moving in by tonight as the House Warming is tomorrow. Can't wait for the Reunion dinner today. Gona be one hella different CNY this year.
Can wait to meet up with all my loves!

&B. Im so upset that you're gona go so soon..I thought you were leaving Tomorrow. But you're leaving later today...Im gona miss you..Like so much.Last night on the phone was fun. iloveyou!
Hurry and come back, but do enjoy your time back home visiting alrights? I'll miss you like i always do. And Do text me!! ily ily ily! Y

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