Tuesday, February 26, 2008

ok, Im like effin pissed now.
Firstly, Let me get my facts right. I know im acting like a total spoilt brat here but this is me!
so Accept it. You dont have a choice right. No matter how much it all means to me but argh.


I ABSOLUTELY HATE BEING IGNORED , esp when im in conversation.
I crave attention. ALOT from certain people. And i EXPECT it. I mean, its just me. ok ? D:


I admit im a spoilt brat, i get almost whatever i want. And if i dont get what i want from you
I turn Nasty. Like i said once again, Its just me. So accept it.


I have different expectations of different people, like those who mean alot alot alot to me, i would def expect them to treat me ,how i treat them . And would expect them to treat me following the above mentioned. Others that are not so important, i dont really bother cos what u non important people do, dont mean much.

So, If you know me, im nice if ur nice to me. Its just me. You cant change me, and i WONT change for you. I'd rather be myself then put up a front in front of you right? :/ I just think ur effin mean.

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