Thursday, February 28, 2008

He loves me ; He loves me not

Just the thought of 4 whole periods of F&N with Mrs Bitch Chu makes me absolutely sick. So i've decided to skip school today. Mrs Chu is such a Kill Joy. So annoying, She should stop acting like a bitch. She already has the whole Class against her. She's going down school History as the bitchiest Teacher in the entire school. She deserves an award for that. So Plans for today would probably include Heading to Queensway to meet up with Karen to give the money for the Class Tee. Then i'll probably Head home, get dressed to meet up with Kendra. All the 'Ks' hehs. Went to Queensway Yesterday with Karen to get our Class Tees done, but were unable to pay up a dipost as we didnt know the price and stuff. So, anyone from my class reading this, Please remember to Pay $18.50 to Karen for our Class Tee. Its really expensive, but u guys wanted a Polo Tee. The total Rounded up to about $500 over dollars. If you guys want the tees By EFL you would have to pay up by Monday. Because we would have to pay the rest of the money by Tuesday when we go collect the Class Tees.
Just got back from town with Karen, we had to use our own $100 dollars so as to put in a fixed deposit for the class Tees. So that you people can actually get your class Tees by EFL.Then We went Threading, Painful experience but Bearable! Need to get a dress for Gala Night!! Going shopping with thanusha this Saturday!


I dont know, If You ever Feel that you've made a mistake and want to back out.
if you want to back out, its alright. Better to back out now then later when
I start to really fall deeper into this relationship? Aside from our differences, which i know we have.but ily.
I must admit that i expect alot from you..I know i expect alot from people that i love and thats a fact.
I think i really love you more that you love me.:x

我相信 找不到有比你更好的人
好想知道你的100分 會給怎樣的人

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