Friday, February 29, 2008

Can't live can't breathe with no air
thats how i feel whenever you ain't thereY

School was alright today, i wana get Hair Extentions, hees. Was sposed to meet up with B today
But im gona be having tuition later so i'll have to meet him on Monday instead. I feel so caught up. Shocked at how things are now, because i've never placed so much trust in someone and in the end the person just goes round and becomes a Hypocrite. But , I shant let this get to me and affect me because, i know that i still have people that lovee me. Because if you're a hypocrite you dont have real friends.I believe in Karma baby! &Im so in love with 'No Air' by Jordin & Chris. Its Finally Friday! Heading out with Thanusha tomorrow, and Doreen & Luyi on Sunday. Fab weekend. xoxos. Prob gona get my coloured Hair Extensions with Karen On Tuesday at Queensway. Im so lucky to be blessed with a Great bf, Friends & cousins that still love me, and has comforted me through the many setbacks in my life. With my Health, and other problems. Love you guys.

I believe in Karma, Retribution. You dont go making use of people like that right in front of them.I think we've been nice to you , at least nice enough to not be treated like a pile of rubbish that you can throw away after u've got what u wanted and done with it. Fuck, and now we see your true colours. I wont do anything, I wont say Anything. I'll just let karma do its thing. We'll just wait and see. Y

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