Saturday, February 23, 2008

Love is just an illusion, Gone in a moment

FlagDay todayy , we went to Parkway Parade for FlagDay, it was really far away. So i got mom to send my group there and we arrived first. It went okay, there were unfriendly and snobbish people. Hello, Im not doing this to get attitudes and Rude sniggers from you people. Imagine if you guys were the one doing this and you're asking me to donate. How would you have felt if i have done the same? But, thanks to those nice people who did their part for the Red Cross and donated. Hahs, We cabbed back to school and reached school first too. Was spose to head to town with Luyi and Doreen. However, am still feeling unwell so i decided to head home. Thankyou loves, for making today such a great day. Y
I dont know wether i should be sad or perhaps i shouldnt bother, I know sometimes i ask much attention from you. Perhaps because, i lack the attention at home. Where no one really bothers.
So i go to you for attention and comfort. Cause i guess, i know that somehow you'll always be there for me every moment i needed you. But I know that i have been too self centered. I neglect the fact that You have your stuff to do too. And that you cant always spare time for me.
And its like i get upset when ur doing ur stuff and ignoring me. But i didnt even think of the fact that you deserve time to yourself too. Im feel like i've been acting really mean and self centered towards you. Everytime i throw a temper, or get into a fit. You never got mad at me. But talked patiently instead, trying to calm me down. I know i can be such a spoiled Brat at times. & Im sorry. D: Y

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