Thursday, February 21, 2008

&i hate being sick.
I think im gona fail my SS CA1. I felt so drowsy and sick. I couldnt concentrate, so i called home, and got the maid to get me from school to send me home after the exam. Then i headed to the doctors,and got a shocked when i saw my tempreture, 39.1 degrees. No wonder i was freezing in the Riffle Range. Im feeling better now, the temp has dropped to 38.1 degrees.
You seem like you dont appreciate anything i do. Everyone except you, askd if im alright and wished me a speedy recovery or a get well soon. You didnt. Everything that we've planned. Are they all gone? All the promises we made to get out of here , are they all just lies and empty promises? Im really dissapointed with you. its as though , all that happened is nothing to you and can be forgotten as and when you want to forget. ihave nothing to say.

&B, ilyooo. thanks for being there for me. though, you're a meanie for
watching the show first without me. pfft. Y

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