Friday, February 15, 2008

&Whispers hello, i miss you quite terribly

My Computer is finally fixed up in my room. However, the connection sucks though. Seems like im gona have quite abit of problems with the connection. Am very unsatisfied with it.Headed to school with a broken ankle, we've got the Riffle Range today. No homeroom system.
Finally had the chance to give out the brownies and Cookies, sory if the cookies tasted bitter as
I left them in the oven a little too long. hehs. Thank everyone for their care & Conern, its really
appreciated. love ya'alls. i miss B. I figure hes not coming back tonight, havent spoken or sent a
single text to him today. So i guess he'll be back tomorrow. I hope he calls later tonight though.
Maths CA1 on monday. Literature on Tuesday! I need maths revision! Will be having Literature tuition tomorrow though.Im gona flunk in maths as usual. But i wana try passing it for once.
hehs. i miss B terribly Y Please come back soon!

B is finally back. ahh zomg. xoxoxoxos
&JiaYi Chiobu, iloveyoo :D

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