Thursday, February 14, 2008

Firstly, Happy Valentines Day. Though Valentines Day seriously sucked hardcore this year.
Firstly, B had to go away again and couldnt spend Valentines Day with me. But its alright, we
can still spend it some other day. Paying your last respects is only right. Then this morning,
I tripped on some stupid rock outside my house and sprained my ankle. Making me Unable to go to school. Seriously, i was looking forward to Valentines day in school. All the exchanging of Gifts and such. I baked cookies and Brownies for all. Until i had that stupid fall and got my ankle sprained. Really, i hate valentines day this year. Thank goodness Valentines Day only last for a day. Im am however looking forward to B's return tomorrow. Y cos imissyou so much! Im so glad you called meee today, i know overseas calls are really expensive. but it dosent matter right? haha, cos ur dad's company's paying for the bill. ily B. Y

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