Saturday, February 16, 2008

When You Look me in the eyes.

Good Morning Sunshine. Got woken up by the Sun Rays through the window. Perhaps a good start to a good weekend. Was up till late , on the phone with B. He kept denying that hes Tired.
And insisted that he would only go to bed when i felt tired and didnt want to talk haha. So i told him i was tired and went that he should go to bed. Thankyou loves for the wonderful valentines day gifts. And really, my ankle is much better. It dosent hurt as much, but it hasnt fully recovered yet. Thank you once again for all your care and concerns. I should probably get ready for the upcoming exams but i dont feel like muggin actually. Hehs, i miss Cousin. Havent been seeing her in a while. Please come over on sunday cousin love.Y

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