Thursday, January 24, 2008

You've did your best<3

Firstly, Congratulations to my loves that did so well for their 'O' Levels. Kerwin, Geshy. You boys did well. Kerwin im actually impressed. The clubber actually studies! Haha. &Geshy! Hello Poly and New car!You can drive me to school everyday soon! Heh. &I just recieved the sms regarding Joshua's Results. 14 for his L1R4. Well, Congratulations to you too. I have no eye deer whats going on between us now but i hope that we get to resolve this awkward feeling between us. After all. we've been going through so much together as a couple for the past 2 years! Though you're such a piggy! At least you proved yourself to be able to study. Happy for you. Havent heard from Brenda Dear about her results yet. Im so Happy for all of you guys! You'all did your best.Much Loves!

P.s. Benjamin(: You've got the best results among them all. See, You didnt let me down. You said you wouldnt and you didnt. As long as you did your best. & I know you did <3

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