Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Define love?

I'm stuck at home today, cause im unwell. Just got back from the doctors. I've literally sneezed over 50 times since last night and no i dont feel good. Went to the doctors and got my medication. The only thing that i regret not going to school for is missing out on Maths lesson. I hope i'll be able to catch up though. Went over to check on the new place today. Still as messy as ever. The kitchens up though, wonder when i'll be able to move in. Mom bought my Aldo shoes!! She calls the 'Black Princess Stilettos' Cause its way expensive, makes no sense to me tho. I went over my $200 dollar bugget for the CNYs. I miss everyone at school. Heh Staying home is such a bore but i figure i should go get my rest now (:

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