Friday, January 25, 2008

Backstabbers & haters

I wont let anything affect me this year, and i wont. I'd concentrate solely on my 'N' levels because i've been slacking for the past years and im not gona do that anymore. I've made my huge bummer of Not doing well in my PSLE & getting into N(A) but im gona prove many wrong this year. And i wont let those that have faith in me down. It really disgusts me, that some people will actually stick up to another person for their own gain.& that im not the only person that thinks so. But like i said, I wont let anything put me down this year. Wont let anything that makes me unhappy get in my way of not doing well. Because i know that the future is in my own hands. I really want to do well. If you get all unhappy with the unimportant stuff and let it affect you. Then, your past years of education would have gone down the drain. Its just seriously wrong that you're Treating better or sucking up to people that are not that close to you, wont give a damn about you when you're in need that treating your own friends that actually care better. But we really couldnt be any more bothered. We've spoken about it and, we'll still be there as your friend because theres nothing we can do about it. really. Its now up to you to make that decision. Right or Wrong, Check your conscience.

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