Saturday, January 26, 2008

Your True Colours

Its unbelieveable how someone so close to you can actually stab you in the back and even gossip about you. I guess really, no one can be trusted after all. I trusted that you're my really really good friend and that even though the entire world would gossip and whatsoever, I trusted that you wouldnt. Everything that i heard about you last night was really such an eye opener to me. Your true colours. So Yeah, you say that i've been trying to act like im very hardworking these day. Well, in case you're still in the last centuary. Its major exam year. If i work hard, i work hard for myself. For a better future for myself. If its a fault working hard, then you should tell me why you're unhappy with me working hard instead of gossiping about me behinde my back.
I really couldnt be anymore bothered. How you treat your close friends, taking advantage of them.Everyone has eyes and they can see what you've been doing.Im just fucking upset that you're like Gossiping about me. You & her should watch what you guys are talking about..because walls have ears and in our school Gossips pass around very quickly.

Btw. I think its very mean of you to judge people by their looks.

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