Sunday, January 27, 2008

You're My Sunshine when it rains

Stayed home today, revised on Biology, though i havent bought the textbook ever since i lost it last year. Next weeks, CNY week. &Im gona be Having my house warming on the first day of CNY. Inviting friends over. Definitely. Heh and Planning for the party will start Feb too. Oh and not to forget CA1s. A pretty hectic month for me. Cousin, sorry that i couldnt go over today. ily and promise that i'll go over soon alright? & Yeah we'll go CNY shopping every year. <3
&To someone,Thanks for having been there for me these few weeks.The Fight with my sister and the school stuff, You cared when there was no one to turn to. When friends betray or when i just happen to be in a crappy mood. You never got angry at me for calling you a meanie all the time. Heh You're the best ever. xoxo


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