Monday, January 28, 2008

It's 11.50 and im just done with my Task Analysis for F&N. Too lazy to upload a picture and all that for now. I just want to thank all those that have been there for me, Encouraging me. Dispite
the many set backs n the many times when i was upset. Those that truly care, not those that pretend to care.This is only the start of the year, I cant imagine a whole year ahead. Gona be one helluva Year.I dont wish to go to school tomorrow. D: Awfully tired and have Been in a pretty bad mood since school started. Perhaps still missing the holidays!&B Yes, my previous post was for you. Meanie. Ahas..You've been the best thing that happened to me this year. Though You're always neglecting me in the aftnoons! Which thus, makes u a meanie (: But ily!

&Tham! Goodness, Didnt expect you to read my blog ehh. Just to let you know. Your comment came in a very good timing! Haha, I was upset over some stuff then i saw that Comment of yours on the Taq board~ Work wonders !Anws, we still have yet to catch up over dinner. But we'll do that when i settle down into my new place alright!

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