Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Friends are Gifts from god himself<3

School was pretty fun today, Literature was Hilarious. Me & Deborah were taking turns to speak. Example!
Deborah: Doreen
Venessa: Please
Deborah: Concentrate
Venessa: On
Deborah: The
Venessa: Work
Deborah: Given
Venessa: Exclamation Mark
Haha, Hilarious. So was CL class. Me,Deborah & Girlfriend were talking about transport to school, We joked that the parents went bankrupt and moved to a 1 room apartment! Heh And we were too poor to even afford Taking a bus. We could only afford Carts from the supermarket and A Wheel! Haha! Oh i forgot to mention, I've passed maths test again! Same score as deborah. Happy as hell. Its been awhile since i remembered having pass maths for twice in a row.Then had the cheerleading try outs after school. Got home late, Tuitioned and now im exhausted. Theres like a thousand over maths homework questions for me to do! Too tired. Perhaps i'll burn midnight oil again.

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