Wednesday, January 30, 2008

& We play a game called love<3

Nothing much to update on today. Failed my Biology test by 1 mark. And i didnt even study for it. We all cheated during CL test and Mr Choe dosent even care. I even called my tuition teacher to ask her about 1 of the questions! Then, went to town with D.Oh after School. Heh, had lunch, we agreed that after CNYs we'll go dine at this Japanese Restaurant at Wheelocks! Sucks going to town without sufficient cash really. Then we cabbed home, i droped her home.Talking on the phone with B. And slept till now. I 've been feeling very relief this evening and i suddenly realised why. Its because there isnt any Maths Assignment today.& oh im not feeling well. D:

&B aka Meanie! Hahas, You're so hilarious. Thanks for making me laugh so much last night yeah. I broke into a laughing fit. haha We'll go Jump wall someday!(personal joke) &Thanks for stopping your game upon hearing that i was unwell and immediately called. Perhaps you arent such a meanie today! Heh :D


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