Thursday, January 31, 2008

Thanks D! <3

Never in my life have i ever been treated in such a manner by someone like that before. Are we invisible to you or something? Or you found others better and decided to Hop to the better ones(in your eyes)? If you did, then you should say tell it to our face! Because. Its not nice making use of people!

School's been a complete mess since the start of the year, Read chant's blog and i felt that her latest post was right. It's only the First Month of the School Year and everythings fucking up. I cannot imagine the next few months like that. It would be complete hell and No mood for N levels.Thanks to all the selfless people around who only think about themselves. I think stc is a very messed up school. Really.
But yet again there are still people who has been there for me in school and out of school, people i never expected.Its because of you people that im going strong<3 &Most of all thats to B for being there for me<3

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