Friday, February 1, 2008

Suddenly I see,
This is How i want it to be
Suddenly I see,
Why the hell it means so much to me<3 href="">

You dont assume , when others blog about nameless creatures. Unless i dont know.. Anws, Since you've already assumed! Probably what i did, was not nice. I wasnt thinking right. I know you;re a nice person. & Yes i hope we'll still continue as friends, we've never had any problems with each other before and it should never happen. After thinking it through, I really dont care about such matters anymore. Because we all come to school for one reason. To study. As long as i have my usual friends around me. Doreen,Luyi etc. and everyone being friends. I'm content.
Because i think, getting angry over such things is a waste of time. And i dont want such a stupid thing to cause both of us to loose another friendship. Better to save a friendship than loose one.
Right? (: So yes im sorry if you got offended. Hey, we only have 2 more years with one another. Hopefully, all in 4mm will make good use of these 2 years and treasure our friendships in this class!

&B you're gona be away soon. I'll definitely miss you loads! 5 days! D:
Anyhows, ily<3

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