Saturday, January 19, 2008

& You give me feelings that I adore

I've been having a bad day today. Its either PMS or that i stayed home the entire day and am feeling dead and restless, when im home and have nothing to do. Many thoughts goes into my head.I'd start thinking of all the problems and will start stressing out. I really hate it everytime i stress out. As usual i started to think and started the stressing out again. At one point, my mind wandered to thoughts about this..that i think she's perfect and i will never be as perfect as her. Therefore i was wondering why you'd even go for me. Then i started thinking about my condition. It sucks not being able to eat anything i want anymore. Really. But it's actually time i start to love myself. Learn to Love myself before i can start to love others completely. Perhaps this is actually a blessing in disguise. To show whos really concern for me and whos not and for me to treasure those that has been so concern for me. I'm going out tomorrow! No more meaningless thinking!

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