Sunday, January 20, 2008

&& Always and will forever be

Though, im mad at you for still not owning and lying to me for the past 8 months. You're after all still dear to me. Each and everyone of you guys are. Because we're family. Sure i'd get mad after being lied to for the past 8 months. I trusted you so so much. But u had to continue lying.
worse of all. You told someone els and not me. But, i dont want to bother anymore. Because i guess this is how much u treasure me as a cousin. Anyhows. Went CNY shopping with Eunice today had a blast though.Bought a black dress from Hula and Co. Collecting my Aldo Stilettos on Tuesday. Havent done maths homework. I dont even have any mood to do homework. Shagged.
I dont know if i should trust you anymore. D:

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