Monday, January 21, 2008

& I just wana run away

Things are getting more and more screwed these days. I know its not wise to do this but i wish i could just run away from every single thing thats going on at the moment. I hate hate being stuck in the middle . I hate being accused . I hate hate hate being Lied to. I want to run away as far as i can. Some people, point their fingers at everyone around them. Saying that those people are the cause of their problems making them feel so miserable. But have you ever thought of turning around to point that finger at yourself? You're probably the cause of the problem and dont even know it. If you're gona keep acting like this, expecting those people to give in to you all the time. When you go out to the working society, do you think that people would want to give in to you like those around you do? They're not gona give a fuck about you at all. Like i said, if we humans give in to each other all the time, think. There wouldnt be war. So Wake up from your Dreams. I see no reason why people would give in to you anyway. You're no Rich bitch that people wana suck up to. So stop acting like one because you dont know the situation that you're in. Seriously, Grow up. You're acting like a 3 year old kid. Oh, i think even a 3 year old kid behaves better that you do! Grow up!

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