Thursday, June 18, 2009

Last note,

Hiii. Omggggawd. I haven't been blogging in here for ages. No, Im not being lazy and it's not an excuese either. Because School and O levels has really been getting to me, I haven't been blogging long either.

But anyways, today.I've come back to tell you darlings that i will *poof* from this blog, until my O levels are over which will be on the 11th Of November, Yes. I know it's a really long break indeed but I cannot afford to have any distractions, these couple of months and I d hope that you my readers will be able to understand. And i will definitely miss blogging, I've been missing it alot actually, and getting to know all the wonderfull people that reads my blog. And have linked me. But when i'm back, I'll be back with a bang!! A whole new Layout and many more. Just you wait! So in the meantime, You guys can feel free to check out my old posts while i was titled the 'love guru' lol or check out the following of my Baby, Close blogger friends and SS Gang's blog : Cheez, Jun Jun, Cathy, Jess, Josh, Chris Thoo. There are many more links at my side bar, and i am sure ,looking at the number of awesome blogs you get to choose from, you'll be occupied im sure. Everyone of them are interesting and amazing people. So you should definitely check them out.

Oh,It's not overrrrr. Before im leave and start to burry my head in books and come back as a nerd. I'm gonna do a post about my realllllllly short trip down to KL last last week. :p I was an impromtu trip, i actually went there for a Funeral , my great great grand Aunt passed away.
But still, i never fail to take some time off to meet my kawan and makan kakis whenever im up, since im hardly in KayElle! Baby had been amazing. During the 4 days spent there, he woke up as early as 6 ish to drive my family around. awwww. *sayang* xD I only had one day to meet everyone. So here's our journey.

Baby came to pick me up, from the hotel in the morning, and we headed to Pudu to have this reallly awesome Beef Noodles, with his father and brother. No pictures la. Abit weird right. In front of his father, but if you want to know where you can ask baby x) Then we picked his friend up from setapak and drove alllllllll the way to Sunway to have lunch with Jun Jun! We went to Pasta Zanmai

My birthday present for Jun Jun, as her
Birthday was the following week!

Shared with baby.
Sirloin Steak

Then after lunch at Sunway with Jun, we sent baby's friend J.Shyan back to Setapak
and rushed to One Utama , to meet up with the SS gang!! Josh was also in KL, as he
had to go for the Stand Out party the night before!


Evvie baby

Cathy Darling

Teck Weng

Heartless Josh

Jess Darling

And Chris Tai Gor. I dont want to post his individual picture la. Later he scold me, say not nice
T.T i post on facebook he scold me d, ask me take down! Tsk!

Chris & Jess darling.

I think this picture, they took before me & cheez came !
More pictures!

1/4 of my crazy & awesome SS Gang Peeps! :)

Stillll have weiii, after meeing my ss gang darlings, baby drove us from One Utama to Sepang. The place where the magic started! That place holds alot of memories for baby & i lor. Except. this time, it was a sunday. So there was no Privacy and there were alot of peole -.- But, the clouds weren't hiding the sun, and for the first time, I saw the beautiful sunset, with my baby.

love him so much!

Sand artttt. x)
oops sorry, forgot to rotate x.x
What's baby starring at ...haha my emo baby!

Isn't it beautiful?

Sun set already. !
See, told you it's beautiful right.

Heehee. Sigh, I miss KL and everyone already. So many things and places in one day!! Hahah
Seriously, i think baby's parent would get a shock when they see the car's mileage! xp
Anywaysssss. Im going to go off now. Until im back again, i'll be missing you all! !


Agnes said...


ok i shut up =x..

i hungry after looking at your food :(

have fun studying :D...

will miss you :D

~ ♥ J E SS I C A . T said...

1 year and counting!

Venessa ♥♥ said...

Aggie: LOL i realised!!!!

Jess: Yaaaaaa. We rock. aww love you guys maaan :) said...

looks like you really had fun!
nice! =D

- yuhhui - said...

Hey, dropping by! Cheese's an old friend/ old classmate of mine. =) Nice blog you have there btw. ^^ Nice to see you both managing well even though it's LDR!! =p

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