Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy 17th to meeeee.

Sooo, im back to blog. Hellllo. I know my blog is collecting dust, and filled with cobwebs already! haha. Anyways, last weekend was all planned out, i was supposed to be in KL celebrating my birthday with the SS Gang & Baby on Saturday at Chris Thoo's houseee! But due to school and O levels, i wasn't and wont be allowed out of the country until O levels are done! (sigh) Soo, i didnt get to celebrate my burffday with them. However, i did have an amazing time. Because baby came down during the weekends to celebrate it with me! :D And also , there was dinner with some of my close friends and baby at Dallas And then, Dinner with baby & Family at Hilltop Japanese Restaurant in Jurong! Oh and even to the science centre with sis & baby! =x . Baby & I also headed over to the Marina Barrage with Peektures!!! Okaay!Enough Talking. More piccies coming your way!!! *winks

Science Centreee!


We all drank like 5 bottle of water ! LOL

Deborah & i

Surprise piece of birthday cakey LOL
Parted from friends, baby & i headed over to Clarke Quay
The Clinic for some shots/Drinks in Drips~ xD

This drink is called
Sex on a drip.

Next up, is peektures from dinner with the Family & baby at
Hilltop Restaurant on Jurong Hill.
They have Tepanyaki, Japanese and Indon food!! Yum!

Anyways, if you wana try it.
Here's their contact and where they are located at!

Near Jurong Birb Park
2 Jurong Hill Road

Opening Hours:

Mon-Sun: 1130am-1030pm

Tel: 6265 1538

And now, peektures taken from Marina Barrage!

YES ! I took this shot k!! haha !

And sending baby off on the last day. T___T

Oh, thanks to Quincy.

We now have a pair of bunny couple! x)
Oh, visit her blogshop here for cute little ah-dorable handmade toys!

Oh and before i forgeeet.


chewie said...

nice. lovely couple.

Vestige said...

geez. im getting old.

KOKahKOK said...

sweet couple! hapy 17th

panda said...

u are 16 going on 17 *think sound of music* :)

happy belated birthday!! :D

weijie said...

haha GOOD LIFE !

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